(NEW) Free download Volvo PTT 2.04.87 All-in-one & install guide

Good news for sharing! Newest Volvo PTT 2.04.87 is now available to download! Here are free download links and how-to installation guide for you.



Please download and try on your own risk! Thanks to kashaki& MHH forum for sharing download resource!

Volvo PTT 2.04.87 All-in-one include XX40645 in dev mode and M140521 in normal mode (full unlock)

Open all-in-one in administrator

Use all-in-one, you do not have to replace the files as the install guide. It will do it automatically

Open log Manager→ stop service→ clear log→ se all-in-one→ start service (You do this every time you change user!)


Download Volvo PTT 2.04.87 APCI+ 11/2016


Download Volvo PTT 2.04.87 Setup


Pass: virginia2015


No pass

Download Volvo PTT 2.04.87 Baldolocal (M140521)


Download Volvo PTT 2.04.87 M151124




Where to get Volvo PTT 2.04.87 full safe tested package+ activation+ installation teamviewer support?


Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.04.87 DEVELOPMENT with Apci+ Update

Work for both new and old trucks!

Provide visfeed for truck ECU reprogramming!

Software included:

  1. Dev2tool (for programming parameters version 2 – older trucks)
  2. Developer tool Plus (Acpi+) (for programming parameters version 3 and 4 – newer trucks)
  3. Visfeed + Xml Editor
  4. Volvo/ IS File Encryptor/ Decryptor
  5. Volvo Traing Files (Flash, PDF, Video) 3GB


How to install Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.04.87?

1/ open in admin setClientID.exe, set ID: 190430

2/ TechToolInstaller_Dev.reg

3/ TT204-Prerequisites.cmd (client update ID: 190430)

4/ TT204-MainInstallationPackages.cmd

5/ TT204-MainInstallationPackages2.cmd

6/ TT204-Patches.cmd

(Don’t open tech too)


Open client update and make all update 2.04.87(it is very long)

Copy and Replace


C:\Program Files (x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\Apciplus

(Replace the file APCIPLUSDATA.DLL thas is on M151124 user)


BaldoLocal.Data.dll >>

C:\Program Files (x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\BaldoLocal

VolvoIt.Waf.Login.Ui.dll >>

C:\Program Files (x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\Login

BaldoLocal.sdf >>

C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool


Copy and replace apci+ update / in these paths:

C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool\Waf\DtR

and C:\ProgramData\Tech Tool\Waf\OtD


Open tech tool

Tech Tool and Update Product Information


Premium Tech Tool 2.04.87 Installation Q&A

Q: After installation it gives an error. Version 2.04.55 not updated to version 2.04.87. Writes that there are no updates? Windows 10 x32

A: There are 3 possible causes!

  1. You use protect KG
  2. At the beginning of the installation (client update) you have not put the good client id
  3. You not open in admin ID changer or you not set the good ID

Solution: format your computer or just uninstall and reinstall by uninstall tool


Q: Do I need to activate PTT 2.04.055 or 2.04.87 using the keygen? Or activate with patch?

A: First I installed the PTT and all the patches, then updated with the “Client update” about 4 hours ago all 2.04.XX until finally arriving at 2.04.87, and finally crack!


Q: I tried to do new installation, but unfortunately, I can’t update tech tool online, there is error in CLIENT UPDATE TOOL – NO INTERNET CONNECTION.

A: You need to install it, update, apply patches and then crack it. I just did it and it works. Last update 10 Feb 2017.If you crack first it without updating then it won’t install v2.04.87 and don’t work as a result.