Range Rover Diagnostic Tool Recommendation: Best Bang for The Buck

Today eobdtool is about to compare diagnostic tools around 100 bucks on Range Rover by different customer feedback. This article is mainly for non-professionals who don’t run a workshop and have to upgrade tools with limited budget.


Review 1
It’s not intuitive, nor can I do everything on different vehicles I need. In other words, it does all the basic stuff and some extra but not everything. You’ll have to buy each vehicle for around 50 bucks after the initial free one.

Review 2-NT650 Elite(180$)
It has deeper functions for some manufacturers and vehicles, but its specialty options for Rovers seem pretty limited. Can’t change adaptive settings, for example. Update is clumsy, it comes with everything pre-installed and you sync with your PC to update the vehicles when available. There are other devices that do just as much on a Rover for less money.

Delphi DS150(34$)

Review 1
Quite happy with my Delphi DS150 knockoff. Read and troubleshoot everything fine. Cannot program keys and ECUs. It has worked on my Ford, BMW…And it has special software, but hard to find.

Review 2
I’ve also got a Delphi DS150. Use it with an old MacBook with WIN7. Have troubleshot friends’ problems on their cars. It cannot program ECUs or BCUs, but it’s good for reading & clearing codes and checking other electrical faults.


Review 1
Pretty cheap but also works well as a digital dashboard.


Review 1-AutoLink AL619(124$)
The only basic function it has done is to hear it burps the brakes.

Review 2-AutoLink AL619 Diagnostic Tool
Autel AL619 best in the $100 range. Does ABS and SRS along with standard OBDII codes.

Review 3-MaxiAP AP200(62$)
Some of the Brits here have been raving about the Autel AP200 app and Bluetooth OBD dongle for $70. It looks like this AP200 app mimics their costly handheld Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Diagnostic Tool at $450. Some of the Range Rover 3/Discovery 3 owners have stated they used this to sync new key fobs unlike the Foxwell that cannot do this…I might buy this one.

Review 4- MaxiAP AP200 OBDII Scanner
It works on my old Ford Windstar 1996. Injector, direction, suspension, accelerator…not all. History is about what we’ve worked on. To enter is easy, I like it because a lot going there, we just write “ford” and it’s up there.

Lemur BlueDriver(100$)
For just scanning codes and clearing SES lights I absolutely love my Lemur BlueDriver. No PC or wires-just an app on your phone. It connects via Bluetooth. Always gets updates automatically. Used it on so many vehicles – worth every cent. Best $100 I ever spent…

You can even read and log sensor values in real time…

Hope this could help.
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