Renault CAN CLiP V157 Free Download

FREE download CAN CLIP V157 here, which is the latest diagnostic tool for Renault cars. It contains all the latest diagnostic technology and information base to address all issues.

Free download CAN CLiP V157:!tl9jCKZQ!xENGQPnKYvbvJTay_-xhvI2vk1Ord2fsh_ymfJ22SMg

( has tested v157 CLIP, working with clone CLIP)

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Clip v157 basic information:

Year / Release Date: 2016
Version: 157
System requirements: windows xp
Language: Multilingual
Description: Renault car program for the diagnosis of electronic systems, Dacia and Samsung.
Extras. Info: put as an upgrade, and with zero. Before installing from scratch apply Crack Renault CLIP.reg Activation of folders (Patch V3).
Choice of 2 tablets: V3 Patch and keygen.
Installing the patch in a text file ReadMe! .txt In the Activation folder (Patch V3).

CLIP V157 compatible device:

Clone Renault CAN CLIP diagnotic tool at obdtool (Item No. SP19-B or Item No. SP19-C)


V157 CAN CLIP display:

can-clip-v157-1 can-clip-v157-2 can-clip-v157-3 can-clip-v157-4 can-clip-v157-5 can-clip-v157-6

RENAULT CAN CLIP 157 installation reference:

Step 1 – install DAEMON Tools

open Renault CAN CLIP 157 DVD ROM E:

run “DTLite4454.0314” to install DAEMON Tools

language setup

Renault-can-clip-157 (1)

accept license agreement

select a license type: free license

choose components

Renault-can-clip-157 (2) Renault-can-clip-157 (3)

allow mount space to use my mount statics

follow the screen instruction (click next)

always trust software to install

Renault-can-clip-157 (4)

install DT gadget

Renault-can-clip-157 (5)

DAEMON Tools complete.

run DAEMON Tools Lite automatically (minimize it)

open “Activation (Patch V3)”->Crack Renault CLIP

add image in DAEMON Tools Lite

(computer/DVD RW/157_0_3_0)

Renault-can-clip-157 (6)

mount 157_0_3_0.mdx

minimize AEMON Tools Lite and close other interfaces

Step 2 – install CLIP V157

open BD ROM F: 157_0_3_0

open “setup” application

First installation->next

Renault-can-clip-157 (7)

accept the agreement

select the country

select clip v157 language

Renault-can-clip-157 (8)

select Renault

review settings and go next

always trust software to isntall


restart the platform automatically

computer reboots automatically

CLIP V157 first installation complete

Renault-can-clip-157 (9)

Step 3 – register CLIP V157

open CLIP properties on Desktop

open files in Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application

cut “RSRWin” application and paste it on Desktop

open Renault CAN CLIP 157 DVD ROM E:/Application

copy “RSRWin” application to paste it in Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application

then open the “RSRWin” application

Register me now

Renault-can-clip-157 (10)

are you part of the Renault Network?


open the picture named “Renalut clip registration step 4” for clip registration

Renault-can-clip-157 (11) Renault-can-clip-157 (12)

registration successful

Renault-can-clip-157 (13)

cut “RSRWin” application from Desktop to Local disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application (move and replace)

automatically installing device driver software

Step 4 – diagnose TWINGO PHASE 2 with Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic interface 157

run CLIP on Desktop to diagnose TWINGO PHASE 2

cancel windows security alert


Renault-can-clip-157 (14) Renault-can-clip-157 (15)

finish vehicle info for computer test

Renault-can-clip-157 (16)

cancel windows security alert

Renault-can-clip-157 (17) Renault-can-clip-157 (18) Renault-can-clip-157 (19) Renault-can-clip-157 (20)



All above is only for China clone Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool

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