Renault CAN CLIP works great with Nissan Consult software

Here are a PCB CANCLIP interface ( bluetooth) recognized by clip software with the reference 926573 and can work with the NISSAN CONSULT software.

This interface is slightly different than obdstart

CAN electronic board :

ISO electronic board :

This interface is down, the green ISO LED does not light up ! !

Looking for a bit more meadows, using a multimeter we can see that the ISO LED is controlled
directly from microprocessor on CAN electronic board via component and 2×35 points connector. So I redid the welds of
these components.

Another point on the CAN electronic board at the voltage converter 3.3Vdc -> 5Vdc ( LTC1871 ),we found a power MOSFET
in case SOIC8 . I guess it is a FDS7760A following the LTC1871 datasheet (the reference of the component being buffed ! ) Here:

This component is cooled through the ground plane ! This is why it is slightly over- high.

Moreover, a drain tabs ( in this case the pin5 ) is not welded ? ?
So I resoldered this component properly, taking care of the well -plated to ensure contact with the runway under

After a test table with a 12Vdc power supply , the green ISO LED lights again .

Recognition of the USB driver in the device manager :

Updating firmware of the probe :

Then direction vehicle, for a real test on a multiplex network :

Playing a default on the parking brake :

And now a new probe repaired.

links :

Voltage converter datasheet : LTC1871EMS ( LTSX marking code) datasheet : FDS4072N3 ( guess the reference component being buffed !)




if you are not equipped with tech or knowledge, or fail to make Renault CAN CLIP interface work with Nissan Consult software, please go to Renault CAN CLIP and Nissan Consult iii 2 in 1 diagnostic interface:



it’s only 120 euro (saved a lot), working great as Renault can clip and Nissan consult 3


Renault CAN CLiP user manual: 
Renault CAN CLiP Windows 7 install (Video):