2017 Renault CAN CLiP Yellow PCB: Programming Perfect

Renault CAN CLiP Yellow PCB: 100% Worked in OBDII diagnostic, ecu reprogramming, ecu programming! The yellow PCBs with a brand-new 2131 chip from the original:

src:  http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/best-renault-can-clip.html

!!! Renault CAN CLIP programming can be done only with YELLOW PCB version .

GREEN versions failed!


Renault CAN CLIP old versions with GREEN boards:

Renault CAN CLIP V169: Cheapest, Best-Quality


For both CAN CLIP yellow version and green version: what confirmed:


Renault clip v169 Windows 7: Confirmed

OBDII diagnostics: Confirmed

Reprogramming: Confirmed




Renault CAN CLiP user manual: 
Renault CAN CLiP Windows 7 install (Video):