Review on VIDA DICE Diagnostic Tool VOLVO 2014D

Got Volvo VIDA 2014D diagnostic tool for 80 (anniversary sales, the cheapest among several webs I went) from It took 4 days to come here after I ordered it online. Well packed with a plastic box, including VIDA DICE device with OBD II cable, USB A to mini USB angled cable, and also a DVD with activated VIDA 2014D the English version.
Here are the pic about my VOLVO VIDA DICE Interface and the high-quality PCB of Dice.



I just got mine up and running. But I was never able to get my VIDA DICE to run on Win7 but after buying a Dell620 with XP SP3, it works well. It has some quirks with the pop-up windows but I been able to read and reset all the codes, re-program light delays, remove the after blow (annoys me to have a car that is doing stuff on its own, let it mold…)

I also reset the TCM so it shifts better.

Well worth it, although it would be better if the dice device can be used with Bluetooth. And it is a little inconvenient for the VIDADICE 2014D diagnostic tool to update softwarevia CD only.

Remember that it is also a service handbook in VIDA. its not only the diagnostics.
Ps. VOLVO VIDA DICE 2014D installation instruction for sharing: