(Solution) Foxwell NT530 Cannot Clear Service Engine Lights & Reset Oil on BMW 2006 (E46)

Customer problem: I used foxwell nt530 bmw to clear service engine lights and reset oil on my BMW 2006 (E46) Coupe, but both failed.

The solution offered by eobdtool.co.uk engineer:

1.For the issue of clearing service engine lights:

Please check what info it prompts when clear engine light. If there is still fault code after clearing, you need to clean code after troubleshooting.

2.For the issue of oil reset:

It only can be done by Manual Reset.

Please do it as below:

Step 1: Turn off the ignition

Step 2: Press and hold the TRIP ODOMETER button in the instrument cluster and turn the ignition to Accessory (1)

Step 3: Keep the button pressed for approximately 5 more seconds until OIL SERVICE RESET (RE) or INSPECTION RESET (RE) appears in the display. Then release the button

Step 4: Press and hold the button again for approx. 5 seconds until RE or RESET flashes in the display. Then release the button

Step 5: With the display flashing, press the button briefly to reset and display the new Service Interval. After this, END SIA appears on the display for approximately 2 seconds.


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