(Solved) BMW Icom a2 cannot run esys

I have problem about icom a2…icom a2 working well in ista + or ista-p… But when I try to use esys and it cannot connect…I try 3 days already..I don’t know what is problem..ista ip is showing Itool radar showing ip is Same with ista and itool radar…if i use easy connect is showing. Is different with ista and itool radar..i try both ip is same cannot connect……any idea ..can help??…ista..can run both ip…what i need to do pls.


you ICOM has no ethernet as you can see in ISTA. Are you sure it is working well with ISTA+? Can you program? If you can the Esys will connect without issues.

Reserve ICOM for Esys with itool radar. Share your Esys connection setup and ICOM configuration page for connections. Two prerequisites, Ethernet must be working on the ICOM and Gateway and secondly ICOM must be reserved.



icom work fine.