Super ICOM ISTA-D 3.52.16 ISTA-P 57.1.003 SSD WIN8.1 update online all SATA laptop

Super ICOM ISTA-D 3.52.16 ISTA-P 57.1.003 is verified working fine, it surpasses the old version in the following aspects.

Newest software version:

ISTA-P: 57.1.003
VIN  2015.12

Package: 1pc x 160G SSD, 1pc x USB KEY

Compatible ICOM hardware: ICOM, ICOM A2

Print data: ISTA-D 3.52.16 ISTA-P 57.1.003 can be used for printer to print DATA, just install printer and driver to do.

Operation System (OS): Tested working on Windows® 8.1 64Bit OS

Computer: most of the laptops/ PC in the market with SATA port.

Computer configuration:

CPU: Intel Celeron 2.0 and above (i5 Recommend)

RAM: 2Gb and above (4Gb Recommend)

USB: 2.0 and above

Multilanguage optional (with full repair article and Wiring diagram):

ISTA D: French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish

ISTA-P: German, British English, American English,

Swedish ,Spanish ,Italian ,French ,Greek ,Japanese ,Czech ,Korean ,Indonesian ,Chinese ,Taiwanese ,Turkish ,Dutch ,Portuguese, Russian, Thai and Polish

Note: the default language is English, if you need other language, please send serial number to open.


The software is already installed by us before sending to you, no need to install. Software comes with USB Key, no need active, one button click operation.


Update on official site for free one year. Procedure: use the SUPER ICOM Updater V1.0 by inputting the serial number and password (the last 8 number of serial number is the password on the Password paper), after login you can choose the new version to download, the software will be updated and installed automatically.

More software shot screen for your reference:

super-icom-software-for-bmw-icom-a2-update-online-fit-all-sata-latops-new-5 ista-01 ista-2015.2-02 ista-2015.2-03 ista-2015.2-04 ista-2015.2-05 ista-2015.2-06 ista-2015.2-07 ista-2015.2-09 ista-2015.2-10 super-icom-software-for-bmw-icom-a2-update-online-fit-all-sata-latops-new-1