Test Report: Renault CAN CLIP V166 update!

Renault CAN CLIP V166 update successfully on the XP system! This is the test report of Renault CLIP v166, via professionals working for http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/


Free download Renault CAN CLIP V166:


Try on your own risk!


Renault CLIP V166 software test report… Here you go.


CLIP V166 is tested on a Dell D630 laptop running Windows XP


For old Renault cars (the 1996 year around):

CAN CLIP V166 working perfectly!


For new Renault cars:

The message shown as below may pop up before diagnosis. Just click on OK and go to vehicle diagnosis.

Configuration problem – vehicle

Vehicle configuration unknown: check the computers which have not been detected or recognised.


To avoid this issue with new cars, you can use the tested version- CAN CLIP V165 for Renault:



CAN CLIP V165 diagnostic interface test report:


Obdii diagnosis…… 100% OK

Ecu reprogramming…..OK


WORKING OK with 3 versions of china clones tested, incl.

Renault can clip the best-quality version (no communication issues)

The most populous version

The cheapest version (€99)

note: difference among can clip clone: http://blog.eobdtool.co.uk/optional-renault-can-clip-v162-cheapest-best-quality/


Renault CAN CLiP user manual: 
Renault CAN CLiP Windows 7 install (Video):