(Tips) ODIS vs. ODIS Engineering, what’s the difference?

Are you confused about What’s ODIS? What’s ODIS Engineering? And what’s the difference between them?

This blog will make it clear! Check below tips:


There are 3 main VAG diagnostic software: VAS PC, ODIS-S and ODIS-E.

In a word, VAS PC= VAG old diagnostic software, ODIS-S= VAG new diagnostic software, ODIS-E= VAG diagnostic+ flashing software

Latest VAG ODIS software: ODIS 4.0 (Tested, 100% working)

Let’s sum it up:


It’s the “old” official diagnostic tool from Volkswagen which was discontinued some years ago. It’s built up pretty simple, but can manage all the diagnostic services that are supposed to be used by repair shops.



ODIS Service is the “new” official diagnostic tool. It’s java based and is able to do also any diagnostic service supposed to be done in repair shops. Most of them of course online. And it also features guided reps (so did VAS PC).



It is the engineering version of ODIS-S. It features direct access to the platform projects, direct access to the ECU, and direct access to its diagnostic functions. If you exactly know what you are doing this is best solution.

As the title it is usually only available and used for engineering purposes. But that does not mean the tool is more powerful than ODIS-S:

It does not bypass any ECU functions or contains security codes or something.

Only benefit is probably that you can see some functions and coding with text. It’s just a better usability and strictly access to diagnostic functions.


Q: Can I install ODIS and ODIS-E on just one laptop?

A: Yes, you can install both ODIS and ODIS-E together on one PC.


ODIS and ODIS-E software compatible interface

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