VAG scan flashing coding tool: VCX Nano 5054 VS VAS5054 clone

After VAS5054 clone, vcx nano 5054 is another good alternative with WiFi /Bluetooth working with Odis and all windows and is 20 dollars cheaper. Let’s have a look at their similarities and differences.


l  Workable car brands: the same

Both works on VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT Bentley and Lamborghini


l  Support ODIS: The same

Best VAS5054 clone (sp33-c & sp33-e) are compatible with ODIS 4.1.3:YES

vcx nano 5054 is compatible with ODIS 4.1.3: Yes


l  Online coding: the same

Can online coding with VW dealer software.

In detail: You can sign in to VW/Audi ODIS service if you have an authentic license to perform online database comparisons as well.


l  Computer requirement: the same

VAS5054 clone is compatible with Windows 7 32bit: Yes

vcx nano 5054 is tested working with windows7 inc. 32 bit ( someone tested ok on windows7 inc. 64 bit, Windows 8 x64)


l  Communication: Not the same

1. vcx nano:

Wifi: Yes 56 Mbps (= 7 MB/S)

Bluetooth: Yes

USB: Yes

vcx nano manufacturers I believe 2. One for the wifi (blue) version and one for the Bluetooth (grey) version.

The WIFI even if usb is not ticked has also usb support. You can switch from usb to wifi through the program supplied in the CD. You should download the newest program from their website


2. VAS5054 clone:

USB: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes


l  Firmware update: Not the same

vcx nano 5054 Firmware can be updated: Yes

VAS5054: No


l  Flashing function: not the same

BestVAS5054A flashing: works, Odis-E for offline flashing work with all the brands (Vw,Audi,Seat, Skoda), you need to have good ODX database, good clone Vas5054A and of course the nessasary flash files ……….

VCX NANO 5054 Flashing: Not works


l  Works with odis engineering: Not the same

VCX NANO with ODIS engineering: Not work, the instrument cluster will be bricked

Best VAS5054A with OIDS-E: works fine.


Buy license for other car brands: not the same

VAS5054 clone: only works on VAG group vehicles.

VCX nano 5054: is original but Chinese. it supports several brands including Honda HDS and dozen other, if you buy the license.

When you make the selections during installation you choose VAS5054a though it supports passthru too which is more generic.

VCX NANO 5054 can support many brands if you buy the extra license. However you need to find the program which is not made available from VCX. It is a multi diagnostic tool. I have enclosed photos just to give an idea.