Vas504a ODIS 4.0.0 review: Odis v4 Windows 10 NO luck, Win 7 OK

Some experience of vas 504a ODIS 4.0.0… Here you go. It’s my personal review of of vas 504a ODIS 4.0.0.


I got/downloaded ODIS 4.0.0 here:


ODIS 4.0.0 Release Notes state that it is supported…

New Features – Support for Windows 10
Bug fixes – Bluetooth connection type: No new connection was established after the diagnostic test was again within range of the VAS5054A.

From “ODIS 4.0.0 user manual”. It says VAS5054A is a supported device. There are no caveats around only with Windows 7


But i failed to get the VAS5054a head to work with ODIS-S 4.0.0. It is seen in device manager in windows 10 but under “extras/diagnostic interface” in ODIS-S, all I have as options are VAS6154 and pass through. Everything worked fine with ODIS-S 3.1.3.


But with great effort these days, I can confirm that the VAS 5054a definitely DOES NOT work under windows 10. When running under windows 7 Vas5054 and Vas5055 are available as options along with the newer VAS6154 and passThru.

I tried compatibility mode and even sniffed the registry to see if it queried a version key and it doesn’t appear to do so. I copied the software drivers from my Win7 install and placed them in the correct directories but this didn’t work as the installer must build the environment after its checks. I can see in log files on windows 10 that it actually “uninstalls” the SOFTING drivers if they are on the machine in the ODIS-S folders…

Looks like anyone out there wanting to run ODIS on Windows 10 natively will be stuck with 3.1.3 in compatibility mode or Windows 7 with ODIS 4.0.0