Volvo dice fixup error code P0015 on 04 S40 1.9T

I got P0015 on my 04 S40 1.9T, then with Volvo Vida 2014D, I solve the problem, to see how I solve the issue, please go on looking at the following parts.
Car model and year:
04 Volvo S40 1.9T, car only has 82k miles
Volvo vida dice diagnostic tool used:
Volvo vida dice interface, I bought from obd tools for 108.49
Well packed without CD broken and speedy delivery, receive the package for 5 working days.
Error code read out by Vida Dice:
P0015: cam bank B over-retard
What work I check:
Checked the VVT solenoid, working fine and the gasket screen/passages are also fine. Car only has 82k miles, no big hurry for timing belt. Clearing the code using obd2 volvo vida dice diagnostic tool would work but would return next day (always). I don’t know the history on the motor but I don’t think synthetic oil was used.
Problem Solved:
Decided to run 3/4 quart ATF for about 250 miles (4 days) and noticed on the 4th day the cleared code didn’t return. Drained the oil, put in Castrol Synthetic and a new filter. Code hasn’t returned in a week (longest since I bought the car).


Looking good and a very inexpensive possible fix.