Volvo VIDA 2014 and OBDLink MX Wifi which better for Volvo XC90

Car model and year: 2013 Volvo XC90
My intent and purpose:
Read error codes and possibly in reading real time car information
Tools I am considering:
VIDA/DICE and adapters such as OBDLink MX Wifi
1. Which solution do you recommend for accessing car information and potentially for altering some car information?
2. Is one of these solutions a greater risk or more likely to cause problems?
3. Are these systems comparable or do the serve different purposes?
1. Volvo Vida 2014 does more, the DiCE unit can access any sensor connected to the engine. Fuel pressure, MAF voltage, etc. Mx (through Obd2) only accesses sensors, but not all of them. 
2. Neither are risky except Vida dice might be if you screw up a software update. 
3. I have both, OBDLink MX is quick and dirty and can be used for any Obd2 vehicle. Volvo Vida Dice diagnostic tool takes more time to set up and is more comprehensive but is Volvo only. Mx can’t access all the sensors that Volvo Vida 2014D interface can. I use both and wouldn’t want to be without either one because I also drive and service other makes.
4. If it is possible to use the MX in “dumb” direct mode and it is fast enough, you can potentially write software that can do the same as Vida.
This will require information about Volvo specific communication protocols, how to ask, and how to decode response.

I would say it is better to use a plain CAN interface in stead of special hardware designed for OBD2 if you want to write your own software to communicate using Volvo proprietary protocols.