VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Tool FAQ

VXdiag Multi diagnostic tool is powerful car diagnotic programming tool, Covers a large number of vechiles ,Support HONDA/GM/VW/FORD/MAZDA/TOYOTA/PIWIS/Subaru/VOLVO/BMW/BENZ.


Q: Whether this item have warranty?
A: VXDIAG has two year warranty, the t420 laptop has one year warranty.

Q: Whether it support for update,  how does it update?
A: It support update, update via laptop, when the newer software come out, you can send the laptop back to us to install the newest software or buy new laptop with newest software

Q: Could you send me elsawin admin and password?

A: Both user name and password for Elsawin admin is admin

Q: Whether VXDIAG Full support wifi connection?
A: Yes, it support wifi connection
Q: But the wifi adapter do not work

A: Please you need input password 12345678

Q: How can i use payhfinder new app for jlr?
A: This authorization is not available in vxdiag full by default, if you need it, you need pay money to open this authorization

Q: May i add Porsche piwis3 authorization on VXDIAG Full interface?
A: Yes, you can add porsche piwis 3 authrization on vxdiag full interface, but you need buy extra laptop, speical for porsche piwis 3 software.
While if you have VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis device, you can add other car software authorization, just buy extra hdd, it is ok

Q: If it support BMW DOIP and BENZ DOIP?
A: Yes, it support