VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III Tester FAQs

Here have collected some frequently asked questions from VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III Tester customers and offered the corresponding answers by eobdtool.co.uk engineer.

Q: What’s the difference between Item No. VX16 and VX16-B of VXDIAG VCX-DOIP PIWIS Tester? Can they support coding without account?
A: They come from different factories. The appearances of hardware and computers are different. Basically, support coding online. Only few can do offline.

Item No. VX16: Lenovo T440P: 

Item No. VX16-B: DELL E7450 Laptop:

Q: Which VCX-DOIP PIWIS3 can code a 2016 Porsche Macan? Item No. VX16 or VX16-B?
A: Both of them can do that.

Q: What’s the hard driver password of VCX-DOIP PIWIS iii?

A: The password is “Porsche”. All the letters are lowercased.

Q: Does VCX-DOIP PIWIS3 support backup online?
A: No

Q: Is the t440p laptop which comes with VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III used or brand new?
A: Second-hand.

Q: Does Piwis 3 Tester III support wifi connection?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Porsche PIWIS Tester III support KILINE?
A: Yes.

Q: Will it need to activate every 15 days when use the Wifi function on Porsche PIWIS Tester III?
A: No need.

Q: Can VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III program keys via OBD?
A: Yes.

Q: Does VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis 3 support Porsche 986,996 diagnosis and key remote coding?
A: Yes, the Porsche cars before the year 2018 are supported.

Q: Will VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis 3 reset service for 2019 Cayenne?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it support Greek?
A: No.

Q: Can Porsche PIWIS Tester III diagnose Panamera?
A: Yes.

Q: Does VCX-DOIP support Porsche PIWIS Tester Porsche 911 model 991 (2016-2019)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis 3 diagnose year 2019 and 2020 Porsche 992?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Porsche PIWIS 3 software include Porsche data electrical drawing and parts?
A: Yes.

To be continued…