VXDIAG VCX SE for BMW Review: Perfect Diagnostic Tool for BMW F30 2015

Today I’d like to share the VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Dongle I received last week. I am very happy with this diagnostic tool and it works very well in programming and diagnostics on my bmw f30 2015.

Let’s see the VXDIAG VCX SE BMW ICOM Unboxing firstly.
It comes with one VXDIAG SE Unit, one USB cable and one software CD. All goods are packaged in a paper box.
The dongle is a standalone device, there is an usb input and there are a couple of lights, some button and obd2 port.
The CD comes out of the box which you don’t need really. You can free download the software on their website via USB cable. The USB cable is quite long!

Now I will show you what I do using VCX SE BMW.
This is a VCX SE for BMW only version. You can get some licenses for other car makes and different brands on the market.
Once open the app on the desktop, you’ll see a window like this and a few lights are showing up on the VCX SE BMW dongle itself.

I think it’s trying to make the connection without connecting it to the car. This is what we’re going to see. While you’re doing the connection, if you’re not sure if it’s connecting or not all, and you need to do is just click “Reconnect”. After a few seconds, it should connect straight away.

Now I’m going to talk about other buttons and options what they can do very briefly and see if the device is worth using.
After clicking the reconnect button, all information test device button it just shows you if there is something wrong with the device, otherwise it will show “completed”.

Click “Firmware upgrade”. It will show you the current version and latest version, turn on the update button and then upgrade.

Click “Update license” can update your software for a new one.
DOIP Switch is an important thing I want to talk about.
You need to turn it on in order to make a solid connection and programming options, otherwise it wouldn’t recognize your car.

Once you’re on ISTA+, the software is D oyster plus is going to recognize the device as an icon or equivalent which is very promising.

So I’m going to do some complete identification to see how things work.
Once you turn on the DOIP switch you can minimize it.

In second updates and licenses although it shows like valid for 60 days. This is not the case. It just renews itself automatically every time you do a software update.

Here are some automotive and heavy duty vehicle brands the VCX SE BMW supports. Of course it based on the license you buy.

Now I’m going to try to set up a connection with ISTA.
Press on DOIP Switch is going to be required to make a good connection

Once you click on that it will recognize your car and assign a VIN number and IP address whatever it’s doing in the background. It’s a kind of protocol that communicates with the car. So once you press it will recognize your car and then you can minimize this window and work on ISTA from now on.
The VCX SE BMW device is fully connected with the car and computer.

When you go on ISTA you use it as usual you don’t need to do anything different. You just go onto your complete car identification and then continue your either coding or programming session or software update. It’s recognizing the device as an icon or equivalent.

One thing that makes me comfortable about this device and makes me think that it’s an actually icon equivalent or it’s capable of working as an icon, it’s because it shows the terminal voltages 15 and 30 all the time. This is a good sign because it can’t see it on e-net cable. You can only see it on icon. So this tells me that this device is capable of delivering full programming features on ISTA.

I also try to connect it using WiFi option on the VCX dongle which works fine. But again I prefer cable connection which is more reliable and faster, but that is an option as well if you want to connect on Wifi and do small coding sessions or programming sessions. I am not sure ad I didn’t do anything yet.

Ok, this is the thing I want to share with you all today.
So far I’ve been very happy with this VXDIAG VCX SE dongle. It’s so fast and reliable.
The price is very good, definitely an ICOM killer. High recommend this device to BMW lovers.