ZGW flash in BMW F25, ENET cable or ICOM A2?


I need flash update zgw in bmw f25 but i have error and the car it is dead in mode transport





Tools I have:
I have esys and enet cable with esys 3.27

I have guide the flash by esys in internet but dont work in my car


Questions and answers that helped me:

Q: any solution of ZGW flash?

A: it did flash for me with a DHCP server (tftpd64).
To take the car out out of transport mode just VO code any ECU – right-click on the ECU (e.g. something like the audio one) and select code. Do NOT click on Code Defaults – ever.

Here’s what worked for me:
e-Sys 3.27.1, tftpd64’s DHCP: Ethernet card set to static, pool starts at, pool size 1024, subnet mask, gw Connection by ZGW’s IP, swdeploy only. Completed OK, though C207 error when executing SVTsollupdate (which was fixed when I did the full flash -ZGW).
Q: I have put 4 selc bflash,swdeploy,cddeploy,ibadeploy and you see also swdeploy?
I can obtain error for this selection?

A: Normally only the swDeploy will be run anyway – this depends on the SVT Target (what i-Step you come from, what your hardware is) and what TAL was generated. Shorty answer – yes. An error is likely with ENET and ZGW


Q: Can i put zgw used whit ref. Tell my ista-p? And reflash the zgw whit ista-p?
Or i update my actual zgw whit new firmnware by esys? But i have error , i read what
varios zgw dont can update firmnware by esys

A: Yes, you can replace the ZGW with an used one (try to find one with a newer production date than your car and part number asked by ISTA-P).



I have flash with ista/p and icom A2 clone and perfect but i have change my zgw for other what i bought in ebay used zgw
I have eprom all FF and put in the car and reflash whit ista p and all ok