2022 PCMTuner ECU Programmer Review:  Better than KTM200

Good day! My PCMtuner magic car tool has arrived. I’d like to share it with you.

I saw a lot of Chinese websites sell it online. It looks so fun, can read and write ECU, also download VR files. After comparing with many dealers, finally i bought it at eobdtool.co.uk.

Overall nice hardware and looks better than the KTM with a GPT board.
I have installed the pcmtuner 1.21 software and everything is ok. I also registered it and asked my dealer to activate it. After activation, i got two accounts, one is for visiting pcmtuner official website, another one is tuner account for vising vz-performance system.

I tested this pcmtuner ecu programmer.
If it does everything it has the description, it’s really good.  I have a lot of different equipment.  Compared to the Russian trasdata, it is much faster to read and write.  It can also clone edc17 drivers after bench.  Trasdata does not clone all drivers.  If the device is developed and updated, it will be really good equipment.

It’s fun to access vr files.  I can download what I need.  For now, I am satisfied with the possibilities.

Actually, i bought 4 sets of pcmtuner ecu programmers. I have sold 3 sets to my customers. I also told them to register and activate as soon as possible to use all functions. It’s so good, but there is no one selling it in Poland. So maybe i will sell my own. I will see how it will sell and order more.

I was also interested in ktm200 because it probably has more drivers on offer, but the pcmtuner 1.21 is enough for now.

Hope it helps!

Have fun!

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