Autel Key Programmers: Autel IM508& IM608

This post comes with two Autel Immobilizer and key programming tools-Autel IM508 and IM608. They are focused not only on the locksmith but also the disgnostic guys that need to be able to access the security systems and program keys to the vehicles, even after modules programmed.

1.Autel IM508 introduction:

IM508 is focused on the customer that already has a professional level scan tool.

It gives us access to the keys immoblizers and do all keys lost. It supports for Asian and domestic vehicles on 85% of the time through the OBD2 port. We can expand the IM508 using the XP400 key programmer. When we add the XP400 to IM508. We can add all of European coverage.

If you already own an Autel professional level scan tool and you’re looking to get into key programming and securities, this is the best solution and a very cost effective way to be able to add keys all keys lost and do security programming. XP400 gives us the ability to

do key reading infrared keys on Mercedes-Benz. It also gives us the ability to do in circuit and outer circuit reading of chips from different boards.


2.Autel IM608 introduction:

If you’re looking for a complete diagnostic solution and key programming. Autel IM608 will be a best choice.

IM608 is three tools in one. It gives us the ability to do all the diagnostic capabilities of an MS908 Pro. All the keys and immobilizer functionality that IM508 with the European coverage has. It also includes J2534 ECU programmer.


3.Autel APB112& G-BOX accessory tools introduction:

If you’re looking to expand your key programming functionality, Autel also has the line of accessories for you.

Autel APB112 is a smart key simulation working with Autel IM608 or IM508. If you’re working on a Toyota, APB112 can emulate the master key and save you a step in the key programming functionality.


Autel G-BOX can be able to do our in circuit and out of circuit programming on Mercedes-Benz, BMW and more. We can use the G-box to shorten the time of a programming session, taking the devices out of the car, and plugging directly into them. Using your IM tools, we can shorten that programming time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes.


Autel IM508 vs IM608:


MaxiIM IM608 comes with XP400 and J2534 device while MaxiIM IM508 only comes with XP200.

Autel IM608 owns bigger touchscreen, resolution, memory and battery. Supports more functions than IM508.

That’s all! Enjoy!