Benz DOIP diagnosis tool: SD C4 1:1 copy VS vxdiag c6 VS old SDC4

2019 Mercedes Benz SD C4 with 1:1 copy program is the DOIP diagnosis best solution, because it has 3 nice features:


  1. When the firmware upgrade, the batteries don’t need to be installed (while the old SDC4 needs), therefore the user doesn’t need to worry the update process will damage the hardware.


  1. The WIFI connection is very stable, the wifi will be automatically connected after booting C4, it can realize Wifi network connection and Wifi diagnosis, the DOIP diagnosis can be assisted remotely.


  1. New SD C4 is made of good quality, applying advanced crafts, waterproof, shockproof and tamper-proof.


  1. Directly running the original software.


SD C4 with Doip diagnosis  VS vxdiag c6

Although vxdiag c6 can also support DOIP diagnosis, vxdiag c6 software and driver are modified, it can’t run the original software.


SD C4 with Doip diagnosis VS old SD C4:

The battery doesn’t to be installed when the user want to upgrade the firmware.

While old SDC4(SP100-D) requires the user to install the battery.