Benz ECOM Doip VS.DOIP SD C4 Plus MB

Both Benz ECOM and DOIP SD C4 PLUS are MB Star diagnostic tools. What’s the difference between them? Which is more powerful?

The main differences are Mercedes Benz SD C4 plus can support old Benz DAS and HHTWIN while BENZ ECOM DOIP cannot. Besides that, sdconnect C4 plus is cheaper than BENZ ECOM.

The functions they support are similar.

Benz ECOM DOIP vs. DOIP SD C4 Plus:

Product Name Benz ECOM DOIP SD C4 PLUS
Item No. SP335 SP100-E+SS210-D12
Manufacture Yes 1:1 clone of the original
Mercedes Benz DOIP Compatibility Yes Yes
DTS Monaco & Vediamo Unkonw, need lucky Confirmed working, compatible with the official software.
Diagnosis Yes Yes
Programming Yes Yes
Works with the old Mercedes Support xentry, not Das, cover the Benz after 2011 year. Yes, cover the Benz from 1989 to 2019. sdconnect c4 plus= sdconnect c4 + DOIP
Price €672.00 €434.00


Mercedes Benz SD C4 plus with 1:1 copy Advantages:

1.SD C4 plus is made of superb craftsmanship and good quality, waterproof, shockproof and tamper-proof.

2.The Wifi will be automatically connected after starting on SDC4 and it is very stable. You can use the WIFI to surf the net and diagnose Benz, so the testing job can be finished remotely.

3.When it upgrades the firmware, you don’t need to install the batteries as the old SDC4, which is convenient and avoid the damage to the hardware.

4.Can directly run the original software. Can run DTS and Vediamo engineering software.

5.Covers newer cars with DoIP protocol like W222, covering Benz cars from 1989 to 2019 year.

Doip MB SD C4 Plus PCB Display: