Buy PCMtuner Get Free Green Chiptuning Tokens from VZ-Performance Center

Great news!!! Purchase a complete set of PCMTuner device (PCMTUNER ECU programmer+ red smart dongle) or single green PCMTUNER Dongle can get 3 green tokens for free (The total value is €270.00, which can be seen from the VZ-Performance official website). Valid date is from June 28th to July 20th, 2022.

get pcmtuner free green token 1


Green token= free tokens during the promotion

Red token= tokens that purchased from VZ-Performance site

One token= one chip tuning service


What is PCMTuner Green Tokens?

The token is not used for ECU reading and writing.

It is used to create a ticket to request chip tuning service from VZ-Performance online tuner account.


The related services are included below:

GPF/OPF Removal

DPF Removal

EGR Removal

DTC Removal

ADBlue Removal

HOT Start Fix

IMMO Removal

Readiness Calibration

Flaps / Swirl Removal

TVA Removal

Sport Displays Calibration

Cold Start Noise Reduction

Kickdown Deactivation

StartStop Disable

MAF Removal

Speed Limiter Removal

Torque Monitoring Disable

Burbles Activation

Popcorn Activation

EVAP Removal

Exhaust Flap Removal

SAP Removal

AGS Removal


Lambda/O2 Removal

Launch Control

OBD Reading Protection

Boost Sensor Calibration

LC, AL and NLS for MED9.1

Checksum Fix





How to Get Green Tokens?

For customers who purchased pcmtuner products during the promotion.

  1. After receiving the PCMTuner device, please complete the registration process.
  2. After finish the registration, please log into VZ performance official website (
  3. Create a “general support” ticket to request recharge as shown in the picture below.

get pcmtuner free green token 2


How to process PCMTuner ECU Data?



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