VW Audi Mileage Correction by Yanhua ACDP or Digimaster 3?

Both Yanhua ACDP and Digimaster 3 can adjust mileage for VW AUDI. What’s the difference? How to choose? Mini ACDP works with module 21/module 25 for VW/AUDI gearbox mileage correction, while Digimaster 3 supports VW/AUDI dashboard. Besides, ACDP also can… Continue Reading

ECU Bench Tool MD1 MG1 ECU Programmer: The Perfect Complement to PCMTUNER

ECU Bench Tool is the perfect complement to PCMTUNER. It works great on Bosch MD1/MG1 MPC5777/ Aurix TC2xx, EDC16 MPC5xx, VAG/VOLVO MED9 via Bench mode. That’s what missed in PCMTuner Magic Car Tool. It’s the first tool which supports Bosch MD1 MG1 so far, also supports old EDC16, MED9 no need to open ECU cover and no risk!… Continue Reading