2017.3 SD connect C4 Windows 10: install OK, 100% works

Tested successfully!!! professional engineers offers a all-in-one solution, to install 2017.03 xentry/das on windows 10, 100% working!!!!!!!!!!!! it solves all issues of SD connect C4 Windows 10 installation issues!   Xentry/das windows 10 all-in-one solution: 2017.3 SDconnect C4 software Windows 10: … Continue Reading

Free Download Newest BMW ETK 3.1.30 Torrent [02.2017]

This blog will offer the latest BMW Spare Parts Catalog 02.2017 free download link for you. Hope it helps.   Free download BMW Electronic Parts Catalog ETK [02.2017] torrent: https://mega.nz/#!aJEmDC6a!ol_8a4GnyCtAwKwy0VjNDfc9MASQjs-8JtpHB7DVLhU Bmw etk.zip file: https://mega.nz/#!ocQlRBrB!rTtArCWKkptPtvTjeTat0KxFJHKPj6YqrejlA_qa5A0 Price list of ETK 02.2017: https://mega.nz/#!SM01WYIB!xq2bLFS6l3DVYHQ8mQaQL7bJux2qS8x9dY07eV7-x8s… Continue Reading

How BDM100 Read and Write Bosch EDC16 ECU? (Steps)

BDM100 ECU chip tuning tool is universal ECU programmer that allows us to read and write ECU. This blog is going to show you how to use BDM100 to read and write Bosch EDC16 ECU step by step. Hope it… Continue Reading