€18 BMW B800 Airbag Reset Tool turn off E36 SRS light DIY

Cheap €18 BMW Airbag Reset Tool B800 turn off BMW E36 airbag light OK, easy for BMW DIY Repair!

Tips: For old E36 only has round 20pin OBD port, just need a €4.5  BMW 20pin to OBD2 16pin Connector.


How to reset BMW airbag light easily by BMW B800?

Connect BMW B800 with car via the OBD port. (If it’s old BMW without a 16 pin connector, you can use the above 20pin to 16pin converter adapter.)

Simply press the ENTER button to start airbag reset!

Every press, BMW B800 screen will show different codes. What does they mean?

The “FA” on screen means BMW B800 is connected successfully and ready to work.

The “09” and “02” separately means the different BMW airbag error codes. (You can look for BMW B800 manual to check the description)

When the screen show “–” code that means BMW airbag reset is done!

In this way, BMW B800 turn off BMW airbag light easily! No more airbag light flash on the dashboard.


Also take out BMW B800 PCB for your checking: