Foxwell Scanners Update FAQs

Here have collected the problems from foxwell customers. How can I know if there are updates available for my scanner? How to update foxwell scanner successfully? Now share the relevant solutions with you.

Part 1: Where to get Foxwell scanner update notification?

Q: How can I know if there are updates available for my scanner?

A: We release updates every Friday and we will send you message and emails to you to keep you informed of all the latest updates. Please check your mailbox or sign in  with your Foxwell ID to check all the available updates.

In addition, all the available updates display when you log into the update client FoxScanner. If there is no update, the Available Updates list would be blank.

Part 2: How to update Foxwell scanner successfully?

Q: How to update NT6XX, NT5XX and NT4XX series scanners?

A: To update these professional scanners and automotive service tools, please follow steps below:

1Visit our site and then click Register (you can find it both at the top right of the website or at the lower side of home page) to create a Foxwell ID. Create a unique user name and password, and enter a valid email address to complete the registration. If you have already had a Foxwell ID, just click the Sign in link at the top right of the website to login.

2Boot up your scan tool and locate the serial number and registration password, which are used to register your product.

3Associate your serial number and registration password with your Foxwell ID by selecting New Registration.

4Visit our site and click Product. Find your product model and click it to view the product profile. Select Download tab. Download the PC update application and install it.

5Launch the update tool Foxscanner by double clicking the desk icon and login with your Foxwell ID and password.

6Remove the SD card from your tool, and then plug it into your computer.

7Select My Update then all the updates applicable to your tool display. Click Update button to start updating. Depending on the file size of the update packaging, the update time varies from one model to another. We strongly advise you to update no more than 5 items each time.

Here is the Foxwell NT650 update article for your reference:

Q: What should I do if the update is interrupted or failed?

A: First, please check your network connection.

Second, please check if your SD card is full. All scanners sold before November 2014 are supplied with 4GB SD card. As Foxwell keep issuing new updates to improve the products, there might not be enough space for the 4GB SD card of NT644. Our suggestion is to replace it with a 8GB SD card. Alternatively, you may delete some of the vehicle software that you are not in need to make room for future updates. Please remember it’s always suggested to delete and update software via the update client FoxScanner.

Q: Where else can I find the update client beside the CD?

A: You can download the update client by clicking the Download tab on each product page. Then follow on-screen instructions to finish installation. FoxSanner is compatible with Win 98/ NT, Win ME, Win2000, Win XP, VISTA Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If you have a problem during installation of the update client, please disable your antivirus software temporarily.

Q: What can I do if the SD card is broken or lost?

A: Please use a new SD card to download all the software through the update client. Please make sure to select the right serial number before update.

Q: Why do I get this message “The vehicle program is not authorized”?

A: Please obtain the authorization.

1If you have more than one Foxwell scanners, please make sure the SD cards are not mixed up. The software installed in the SD card is strictly control by the serial number, so the SD cards are not interchangeable.

2If you get the message after updating, please make sure you select the right serial number while updating the scanner. Please try to format the SD card and update the OS (operation system) only. Try to boot up the scanner to check if you still get the message. If the problem still exists, please send the product serial number and password to dealer or with a brief explanation of the problem you have.