MPM and GODIAG GT105 Breakout Tricore OBD2 Read GM Engine ECU

MPM has all GM protocols, OBD read ECM, and TCM. All work in OBD, no need damaos for GM cars. It can work with GODIAG GT105 to read GM Engine ECU perfectly by using the Godiag Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper.

All devices required:
MPM ECU Chip Tuning  Tool
Godiag GT105 Breakout Box and tricore cable

Connection diagram:

Connect gt105 with ecu via tricore cable

Once you press on the godiag ignition emulator, CAN-H CAN-L indicators will flash, which indicates the communication is good

Provide a power supply 12V 5amp to ECU

Connect MPM ECU tuning tool with laptop via USB cable

Connection diagram gt105 connection MPM

Operation guide:
Free download MPM Software
Run MPM software has been installed
Click ‘Read Vehicle’ icon
Then click ‘Gather info’ to identify the vehicle info
Next select Hardware>> Read Entire>> Click ‘Read’
After reading the data successfully, save the related data file.

The test:
1. Car model: 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche 1/2ton LS, 5.3L. V8
Hardware: E38 ECM, GM Gen4 V8

Video demo:

2. Car model: 2007 Cadillac 2.0L, L4
Hardware: E67 GM Gen4
Blue PORT 20pin VCC 12V
Blue PORT 18. 19 pin ignition 12V

Video demo:

Device used:
2022 MPM ECU TCU Chip Tuning Calibration & Diagnostic Tool

GODIAG GT105 OBDII Break Out Box ECU Connector + Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper

UK Professional OBD2 Tools Online Shop