How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake PCMTuner?

As PCMtuner Magic Car Tool is widely praised by users, we found that some bad merchants maliciously use the PCMTuner logo to make fake version in the market. The counterfeit device does NOT have any functions of the genuine PCMtuner, it will cause misleading and loss to you. Check what the difference is between genuine and fake devices. Buy the genuine PCMtuner and you can enjoy a large number of online technical support accounts and services.

The genuine PCMtuner:
pcmtuner package

The fake PCMtuner:
The fake PCMtuner


  1. The shapes of PCMTuner hardware are different.
  2. The font colors on the hardware are different
  3. There is no ‘NEW’ word in the genuine version
  4. The accessories are different

Genuine: the appearance is thin & elongated, has a string, the PCB inside is red.
Note: the Smart Dongle (Item No. SE157-S) comes with a green PCB. The function is the same as red one, the difference is that it can be bought alone, and the red one is included in the PCMTuner full package.
pcmtuner dongle

Fake: Narrow appearance with black PCB, without a string

  • USB cable

Genuine: the color is black

Fake: the color is blue

  • BENCH/BOOT Cable, OBD Cable and Power Adapter are also different, view the image above carefully


Please kindly notice:
If you buy a fake PCMTuner, you cannot enjoy the related benefits.

  • The fake version cannot get the technical support account of the official website (;
  • The fake version cannot enter the tuner account of website (;
  • The fake version cannot obtain virtual files, WinOls map package, AL2, and Mappackage;
  • The fake version cannot get the technical support of tuner;
  • The fake version cannot enter the 10,000-person technical support community; The fake version cannot get the genuine software;
  • The fake version cannot be updated online;
  • The fake version cannot be used online;
  • The fake version cannot enter the WHATS APP technical support group;
  • The quality of the fake version cannot be guaranteed;
  • The fake version is easy to burn the ECU;
  • The fake version might be locked in some cases.

Those are some features of the fake version above.
If you need the genuine PCMtuner, please go to the official website ( to check and confirm the appearance of the device.
Buy the genuine PCMtuner Master ECU Programmer at, enjoy the best price with high quality (EU/UK ship) and good customer service!

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