How to Register and Update Foxwell NT809 Scanner?

This article is about to bring you the process of registering and updating Foxwell NT809. Hope this could help you better use this professional scanner.

Part 1. How to Register

1)Register on tablet
Select “My Account” or “Update” to jump into login page.
Select “Free registration” to register an account.

Input e-mail address and select “Send Code” to get 4-digit verification code.
Finish rest info and select “Free registration”.

A message will prompt you if registration is complete.

After registration, submit serial number to finish registration.

Note: First login will prompt and guide you to activate Foxwell NT809 Scanner.

2)Register on Foxwell official website
Go to “Registration” or
Again, input info as before.
Submit serial number to finish registration.

Part 2. How to Update Software

1)Automatic Update
Go to “Settings”.
Select “Automatic Update” and then set automatic update notice enable.

2)Manual Update
Go to “Update” page.
Select apps you want and click on “Update”.
“Upgrade successful” means update is complete.

Note: Make sure it’s connected to network and full-charged or connected to external power supply.

Part 3. How to Update Firmware/VCI

Go to “Update” page and download firmware package.
Go to “VCI” manager and select “Update”.

Make sure battery level is no less than 20%.
Select “Retry” to start update if it’s available.
If it fails, follow instructions to troubleshoot and repeat the update.
“VCI firmware updated successfully” means update is complete.

So, where to get this new professional scanner at an affordable price?

Done! That’s how to register and update Foxwell NT809 Diagnostic tool.

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