How to Restore Gmail Access on Autel MaxiSYS Tablet?

Recent changes by Google may be preventing you from accessing Gmail on your MaxiSYS tablet (such as Autel Ultra, Elite II, MS906, MS906S, MS906 Pro, MS906BT, MS908P, MS908s Pro…). So today we walk you through the 2-step process of generating a Gmail one time password and updating your tablet e-mail settings. This same process can be utilized if you are first setting up Gmail on your Autel tool.

First, log into your Gmail on a PC or laptop not the mobile site.
After entering your password, choose the blue circle on the upper right, then click ‘Manage your Google Account’

Next, choose the Security tab on the left
Then ensure two-step verification is ON in the center of the page
Select ‘APP Passwords’

Enter your password
Click ‘Next’ and then look for the verification code which you’ll need to enter

Then Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for

  • Select app: Mail
  • Select device: Other (Custom name)

In the custom name field, enter Android, then click ‘GENERATE’

The system will generate an APP password which you need to note down before we move over to the Autel tablet.
Click ‘DONE’

After that, go to your MaxiSYS tablet and click ‘Email’ icon
Enter your Gmail address


Do not user your normal password! This time you will enter the password you just
generated with GMAIL in this spot
Then verify your incoming settings and make sure they match what’s on the screen
Afterwards, review your outgoing settings from the drop down be sure to select the security type ‘ STARTTLS (accept all certificates)’

After your settings are validated by the tablet, hit ‘NEXT’ and ‘NEXT’ again
You will see your email inbox appear.

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