How to Use Autel IM508 to Add New Smart Key for BMW E90 CAS3 2008 by OBD

This post guides you how to use Autel IM508 to Add New Smart Key for BMW E90 CAS3 2008 by OBD.


  1. Connect IM508 programmer to BMW E90 obd port.
  2. Select “IMMO”→BMW→ Smart Mode

  1. Then Autel IM508 will scan immobilizer system,engine system,transmission system.
  2. When processing finish,if you get fault code you need erase it before programming.
  3. Press “OK”to continue.

  1. Select “key learning”

  1. After that, autel IM508 will show you the detail information of the car, check and press “ok” to continue.


  1. “Add key”and “All key lost” is available for current CAS.
  2. Key learning process requires networking to obtain data, please set up the network ensure that it is connected to WIFI and keep this state during the whole process.

  1. Remove the key from the ignition switch.If it is a smart key, please take the key out of the car.

Please be sure to operate as required,otherwise this may make the vehicle abnormal!If the vehicle is abnormal after read out the key information,please try performing [Clear DTC] to make it back into normal status.

  1. Read key information success!

Whether to do the backup of the original key data?→ YES.

  1. Input the file name and save it, After file saved successfully,it show you the key information as below.

Customer key is number 5,from 1-4 are all disabled, so can not program if not “Enable”

  1. Now back to Smart Mode menu,select “SystemSelection”→ Immobilizer→ Cas3/Cas3+

  1. Select “key operation”→ Enable/ Disable key

  1. Insert a working key and switch ignition on first.

  1. Select “key number 3”then press “Enable” button to active it.

  1. Here I enable key 3,key4 and key7

Then back to menu to select “Key Learning”→ “Key learning by OBD”

  1. Switch ignition on

  1. Remove the key from the ignition switch. If it is a smart key, please take the key out of the car.

  1. Key3, Key4 and Key7 are enable, we select “Key3”, then press “Programmer generation key”

  1. select “Semi-smart key”

  1. Connect the device to the programmer and put the new key into the programmer card slot.

  1. Writing key

  1. Generating dealer key success. Insert the key into the ignition switch to start the car once.

If the Vehicle cannot be started,or the ELV is displayed on the instrument, please synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.

  1. Test to start engine and remote function, both work well. Use autel im508to add new smart key for BMW success.