How VVDI2 + VVDI PROG make BMW CAS4 5M48H new dealer key?

This blog will share with you a success case:

BMW 5 Series 525li CAS4 5M48H has only one dealer key, finally program a new working key OK by using Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI PROG Programmer!


Part 1. VVDI PROG read BMW CAS4 5M48H eeprom dump file

Take apart BMW 525li CAS4 5M48H ECU box and open it carefully.

And follow this VVDI PROG CAS4 5M48H wiring diagram:

Desolder the four components and connect VVDI PROG with eeprom PCB using the MC9S12 reflash cable.


After that, open VVDI PROG Programmer software.

Choose Type: 4-IMMOBILIZER, Brand: BMW, Chip: CAS4-5M48H-BACKUP, Read range: D-FLASH.

Click “Read” button.

Read success, click “Save” button to save 5M48H eeprom dump file.

Part 2. VVDI2 FULL make BMW CAS4 5M48H new dealer key for BMW 5 Series

Connect VVDI2 key programmer with laptop and open VVDI2 software.

Go to VVDI2 Quick Start “BMW” to open VVDI2 BMW V4.1.0.

Choose “Key Learn” and “File Make Key”.

First choose Type: CAS4+ (5M48H).

Next click “Load EEPROM dump file” button. Load the dump file VVDI PROG read at Part 1.

Load file success. VVDI2 show BMW car VIN, mileage, key cutting code, key frequency, key ID, key status and key type.

Choose “KeyID4” with blank key ID then click “Make dealer key” button.

Select “Having a working key” option.

Put the original key into VVDI2 transponder area (the coil) then click “NEXT”.

Then put the new key into VVDI2, click “YES” and wait about 30 seconds. (During key programming, please be patient and do not click the window)


VVDI2 program BMW CAS4 new key successfully! (No need to write back eeprom)

Last step is to match the new key with car.

In this way, VVDI PROG and VVDI2 make BMW CAS4 5M48H new dealer key successfully!