HU66 Lock Pick and decoder: where to buy? How to use?  

HU66 Lock Pick and decoder is a new locksmith tool. It’s deeply like by locksmith because of its special function- can lock pick and read the key code in 10 seconds. Here share more related info with you.

Part 1: Decoder HU66 where to buy

Part 2:Decoder HU66 how to use

In detail…

Part 1:Decoder HU66 where to buy

KwikDecoder HU66 display

Decoder HU66 locksmith tool product introduce and the place to buy at good price:

Part 2: KwikDecoder HU66 how to use

It’s very easy to use without any training.

Open the HU66 Lock Pick and decoder cover

Note: You will see the data slice which can be moved. But it has to be back to No.1 position.

Put the guiding slice to the front

Insert the New Type HU66 into car lock cylinder correctly

Rotate the white button to the bottom of the device

Then turn the device left and right to open the door

The door is open, close the door and turn HU66 to the right

Read the key code: which is used to enter the key cutting machine to cut a new key.

Again, put the guiding slice to the front and insert to lock cylinder, open the door and close the door.