KESS V2 K-Suite 2.28 Free Download and Installation Guide

Good news for sharing! K-Suite 2.28 is now tested OK on KESS V2 Master Clone! You will get KESS V2 K-Suite 2.28 free download link and installation guide in this blog.


Free download KESS V2 K-Suite 2.28 in mega: (This link is shared at forum please try on your own risk)!C8MC3LwT!9ABaaYk5LFwz7GTGq_Y-gmk0YLq4fo4jZQYyu7T1y-I

  1. Just download RAR, unpack and put it in your ksuite folder
  2. Use Ksuite 2.28 without internet open

Which KESS V2 is compatible with K-Suite 2.28?

SE87-C Kess V2 V2.28 Firmware V4.036

SE87-D Kess V2 V2.28 Firmware V4.036 with renew button

SE87-E Kess V2 V2.28 Firmware V3.099

SE87-K Kess V2 Truck Version V2.08/V2.28 Firmware V4.024

SE87-CK Kess V2 Truck Version V2.28 Firmware V4.036

How to install KESS V2 KSuite 2.28 step by step?

The whole process can be devided into 3 parts:

Part1. Install Ksuite Setup 1.93

Part2. Copy all things in Ksuite 2.28 folder to Ksuite 1.93 folder

Part3. Run Ksuite 2.28 and make other settings

Step1. Go to “Network Connections” and disconnect all your networks. (Right click to choose “Disable”)


Open Ksuite V2.28 software RAR then Ksuite Setup 1.93.


Step2. Start to install Ksuite 1.93: Click “Next”→ “Install” → “Yes” → “U.S. English” → “Next” → “Next” → “Finish”


Choose “English”


Step3. Right click the Ksuite icon on desktop, choose “Properties” then click “Find Target”.


Delete all files in Ksuite 1.93 folder.


Step4. Open Ksuite 2.28 RAR file and copy all files to the blank Ksuite 1.93 folder.


Copy the “Help” folder to Ksuite 1.93 folder.


Step5. It will automatically show “Found New Hardware Wizard”, click “Next” and then “Finish”.


Now you can right click “Computer” icon→ choose “Manage” → “Device Manager” → “USB Controllers” and find the “USB Device” exist.


Step6. Click Ksuite icon to open Ksuite 2.28 software. Click “Options” you can select language.


Click the car icon you can start to use this K-suite 2.28 software you’re your KESS V2 ECU Programmer now!