Launch CRP808 vs Launch CRP429C hand-held diagnostic tool

Launch hand-held scan tool comparison: CRP808 vs. CRP429C

Launch CRP808 vs Launch CRP429C


Launch CRP808 wins in system coverage for diagnosis and car make support. And it’s more friendly for Korean since CRP429C cannot support the Korean language.

But CRP427C works much more perfect in special functions incl oil lamp reset, ABS bleeding, injector coding, gear learning, DPF regeneration, EPB, throttle adaptation, immobilizer, SAS reset, BMS, TPMS reset, while CRP808 can only work for ABS bleeding, injector coding, throttle adaptation, TPMS reset and DPF regeneration

Link to Launch CRP808:

Link to Launch CRP429C:

About Launch CRP808:

display, buttons, port

update and screenshots buttons

length, width, high

special functions: oil reset, brake reset, bat reset, tpms reset, injector


cables for connection

Launch CRP808 full package on the web: the machine , two cables and a user manual

Launch CRP808 full package customers will receive: