Launch Thinkdiag Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner: Good or Not?

Launch X431 Thinkdiag becomes more and more popular by many European users. The reason is that it comes with multi-language, supports car full system diagnosis and 16 kinds of powerful reset service for about 115 major vehicle manufacturers. It’s very easy to use on smartphones with unique APP. Besides that, you can get free EOBD2+DEMO +1 car software once purchased.

Here have collected some articles of Thinkdiag to help you to know more about this obd2 scanner.

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Launch Thinkdiag FAQ:

Q: Will the bluetooth obd2 scanner reset srs on a Volkswagen?
A: yes, thinkdiag car diagnostic tool can reset srs on a Volkswagen, but thinkdiag is subscription software, it comes with one free software, you can choose one free car software or reset service. If you want to add more software, it is $49.99 for one car software, $39.99 for one reset service software.

Q: Will this work with third party apps (like torque), as well? Does your app display all the same info as the torque app, and the other popular apps?
A: thinkdiag cannot work with party apps, you can download thinkdiag app on phone, then use it.

Q: Will this work with a tablet or laptop too?
A: thinkdiag car diagnostic tool can work with pad, but it cannot work with tablet or laptop, because tablet or laptop has no Bluetooth.

Q: Can I change VIN number on 05 Dakota and also reprogram ecu? if yes how much for extra software?
A: thinkdiag can rewrite vin and do ecu coding, but cannot change VIN and reprogram ecu,

Q: Does Thinkdiag have full functionality with a 2000 Audi a4 Quattro 1.8t atw b5?
A: yes, thinkdiag scan tool has full functionality with a 2000 Audi a4 Quattro 1.8t atw b5, but it is a subscription diagnostic tool.

Launch Thinkdiag Bidirectional OBDII Bluetooth Android Scanner with 16 Reset Services and 3 Free Software: