Launch X431 PRO 5 FAQ: Update, Online Program, Special Function, Comparison…

LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 is the upgrade version of X431 PRO3. It is a 2022 all-in-one comprehensive scan tool with X431 SmartBox 3.0, supporting J2534 programming, CANFD/DOIP/J2534 protocols. Features in all system diagnosis + 50 service functions on 1996-2022 99% of vehicles. Global version, NO IP LIMIT! Here are some frequently asked questions of X431 Pro5 including update, online programming, special function, comparison, etc.

1. X431 PRO 5 Update
Q: Does X431 Pro5 carry 2 years free update? How much the update cost two years later
A: Yes, update two years for free. After two years, the update cost is 450USD/Year, 599USD for 2 years.

2. X431 Pro5 Online Programming
Q: Does it come with J2534?
A: Yes, the X431 PRO5 comes with a J2534 tool Smartbox that allows you to download the OEM diagnostic software to perform the J2534 reprogramming.

Q: Can I use X431 Pro5 to do online programming directly?
A: No. But there is a smartbox inside the package. If you have the original software, you can use the smart box to do online programming.

Q: Which car model can work with X431 Pro5 to do ECU programming? Does it only support BMW, Porsche, VW and Audi?
A: Only smart box inside X431 Pro5 package can cooperate with OE-level software to do online programming for Land Rover, TOYOTA, Ford, etc.

Q: Does X431 Prog 5 support OE software such as jaguar landrover pathfinder? ODIS? BMW ista?
A: No, it doesn’t support this currently.

3. X431 PRO5 Compatible Device
Q: Does this x431 pro5 car scanner work with x431 tsgun? I want to do more with tpms tools.
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Does x431 pro5 support heavy duty models alone or need work with HDIII truck module together?
A: Need work with HDIII truck module together.

Q: Can X431 Pro 5 work with HD3 together for trucks? Whether i need pay license for truck models?
A: It can work with HDIII for trucks, but does not need to pay truck license extra, as the device itself comes with truck license by default for free.

Q: May i use X431 Prog3 with X431 Pro5 together?
A: Yes, these two items can work together.

4. X431 Pro 5 Function
Q: Does the X431 Pro5 can calibrate adas?
A: Yes, it supports this function, but this function needs to work with the ADAS tool like X-431 ADAS Mobile.

Q: Does Launch x431 PRO5 support can fd and doip?
A: Yes, it supports.

Q: Does X431 PRO5 support diagnosis for Mercedes Benz W212 2013 and Renault Captur 2013?
A: Yes, it supports.

Q: Can X431 PRO5 reset airbag for Hyundai Tucson 2021?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Can Launch X431 Pro 5 reset the electronic Park brake or replace and reset the brake pad on Volvo, Land rover and Range Rover Jaguar?
A: Yes, it can do this.

Q: Can it code a 2006 range rover transmission control module?
A: No, it can not.

5. X431 Pro 5 Comparison
Q: What’s the difference between X431 V+ and Pro5?
A: X431 Pro5 supports new protocols

Q: What’s the difference between X431 Pro5 and launch euro pro 5 tool?
A: The hardware and function are same, but they come with different connectors.

Q: What’s the difference between the smartbox 3.0 in PAD V and Pro5?
A: They are same.

Q: What’s the difference between X431 PAD VII and X431 Pro5?
A: X431 PAD7 supports online programming, and with higher configuration hardware than X431 Pro5, if you have enough budget, you can buy PAD VII.

Item Name X431 Pro5 X431 PAD VII
IMG launch x431 pro5 launch x431 pad 7
Display 10.1-Inch ,1920×1200 FHD IPS 13.3”  / 1920 x 1080 IPS
CPU 8-Core Processor, 1.8 GHz 2.0GHz Octa-core
Memory 4GB 8GB
Storage 64GB 256GB
Camera 500,800 13MP Rear + 8MB Front
VCI Connector Smartlink C Smartlink C
VCI Connection 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi
Battery 7000 mAh / 3.8V 71.1Wh (≈19000mAh)
Size 267*191*33 mm (10.51*7.52*1.30 inch) 353 * 236 * 71
Operating System Android 9.0 Android 9.0

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