Launch X431 V+ Pro3 Solved ISUZU C07104B Steering Angle Sensor Center Position Invalid

When I start my ISUZU DMAX 2016, it doesn’t work normally. There are some dashboard indicators appear. I try to use launch x431 v+to diagnose it and solve the problem.

I select ISUZU software and automatically search, it says ‘Currently this function only supports models since the year 2008, please enter the test via the menu of year model for the models before 2008.’ I click ok to enter system selection page, and choose ABS/ESC/AEBS to read fault code, read out the fault code is C07104B, it means the steering angle sensor center position invalid malfunction. Then I clear fault code, it shows ‘clear fault code completed’, but when I read the fault code again, the fault code still displays on the screen. How to deal with it? engineer replied:
After reading the fault code by X431 Pro3, go to Special Function-> Learning for Steering Central Position
Then click ‘Clear’ at the bottom left of the corner
You will get the prompt ‘execute successful!’. Then go to clear fault code again.

Clear the fault code successfully. Thanks so much!

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