Lonsdor Toyota Lexus Smart Key Emulator for Chip 98 (SKE Green) User Guide

This is the user guide about how to use Lonsdor Toyota Lexus smart key all key lost emulator for the chip 98 (SKE Green) which will share in four parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and Reference.

First, I will introduce these four color smart key emulators:
Black:  SKE-LT-DST40(94/D4) -Supports 94/D4 smart key.
Red: SKE-LT-8A(88/A8)-Support 88/A8 smart key.
Green: SKE-LT-DST80(98)-Supports 98 smart key.
Blue: SKE-LT-8A(A9)-Supports A9 smart key.

K518ISE key programmer work with the smart key emulator could do Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD, you could purchase key emulator alone or get them with Lonsdor K518ISE.

Purchase Lonsdor K518ISE plus SKE-IT Smart Key Emulator:




Operational process for all key lost

Please confirm whether emulator key (SKE) is bound to K518ISE device beforehand. Backup EEPROM data-> Generate new data-> Dismantle immo box and write new data to EEPROM-> Generate SKE-> Add/delete smart key

  1. Backup original EEPROM immo
  2. Use backup data to generate new
  3. System certify and generate new data automatically, and program SKE to become an available key, which can open dashboard, before key
  4. Add a smart
  5. Delete programmed
  6. Bind emulator key: Require to bind all SKE to K518ISE for the first



Operational process for all key lost

Please confirm whether K518ISE is bound to emulator key (SKE).

Backup EEPROM immo data-> Generate new data-> Dismantle immo box and write new data to EEPROM-> Generate SKE-> Add/delete smart key


Backup EEPROM data

  1. This function can backup EEPROM
  2. System is receiving data, please wait
  3. Please input data filename and save
  4. EEPROM data backup complete, please select “generate EEPEOM data”function to generate specific data.


Generate EEPROM data

  1. This function can generateEEPROM data for vehicle.
  2. Continue to select EEPROM data of smart key backed up
  3. Searching data… Please input filename of new
  4. Generating EEPROM data complete. Data saved in K518ISE\file\feature_1013. Please write newly-generated data to EEPROM(IC003)in smart immo box of vehicle.More details, refer to “Reference”.


89990-0N010 smart immo box


89990-06060smart box

Note: Install back smart box when data writing complete.


Generate emulator key

It's required to write newly-generated data to EEPROM in smart immo box. Dashboard is lit up after emulator key (SKE) generated.

  1. This function can generate a backup master key when all keys are lost, which can open dashboard to add
  2. Insert bound SKE(corresponding color/type) into K518ISE card slot, and press round button on the
  3. System is building configuration… Please wait
  4. Key generation complete. Please press round button on it and put it against ignition switch of vehicle, and try to open dashboard. If the dashboard is lit up, please use SKE to program and add new


Add smart key

  1. Put emulator key or available key against ignition switch and switch ignition ON till dashboard is lit
  2. System communication, getting info about key ..
  3. Put registered smart key against start button of vehicle, and remove it when buzzer beeps
  4. Please put smart key to be registered at start button of vehicle in 30 seconds, and remove it when buzzer beeps
  5. Please wait till key registration complete. Operation


Delete smart key

  1. Put emulator key or available key close to ignition switch and switch ignition ON till dashboard is lit
  2. System communication, getting key.
  3. Put back of registered smart key close to vehicle start button, and remove it when buzzer beeps
  4. System is deleting key… Deleting succeed. Smart key (away from start button) will be deleted.


Bind emulator key

  1. This function can bind smart key emulator (SKE-LT series) to K518ISE
  2. Please put key to be bound into K518ISE host
  3. System is binding… When complete, continue to program all keys



  1. Newly-generated data must be written to EEPROM chip in smart box. Dashboard can be lit up after simulate key is
  2. Bind key/generate key: Change placement of simulate key to sense if failed. 98 card smart box is located at back of storage box at passenger



Chip type 94/D4(SKE black), 88/A8(SKE red), A9(SKE blue), 39(SKEorange)
Remote control type Specific smart key
Key embryo No. Specific smart key
Password required or not Not required.

Remote control

Generate automatically when smart key programming complete.
OBD position Under steering wheel
Reference pics Smart key appearance for part of Toyota series


Toyota series:

2008      Reiz 0111     smart key

2008      RAV4 0111 smart key

2008      Prado 0140   smart key

2008      Camry 0140 smart key

2008      Corolla 0111       smart key

2008      Cruiser A433       smart key

2008      Alfa       smart key

2008      Previa    smart key

2008      Lexus 0140  smart key

2010      Camry 3370 smart key

2010      Prado 3370   smart key

2010      Reiz 5290     smart key

2010      Crown 5290 smart key

2010      Lexus 3370  smart key

2010      Camry 0020 smart key

2012      Reiz 7930     smart key


2012  Crown 7930  smart ky

2012      Prado 7930   smart key

2012      RAV4 7980 smart key


2013      Lexus ES GS IS  smart key

2014    RAV4   2-button smart key

2014    RAV4          3- button smart key

2014  New vios/Yaris L smart key


Lexus smart key,select from PCB type:

89904-30291(0140 PCB       ES350 old ver. )

89904-50430(3370 PCB       ES240/ES350 new ver.)

89904-48321 (5290 PCB  PX270)

89904-28132(0780 PCB       5-button Previa)

89904-6071  (A433 PCB      Cruiser)

89904-0041(0111PCB RAV4 3-buttonReiz Carola)


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