Mercedes- Benz AKL Programming by Xtool X100 Pad3 (SE) with Xtool M821: Save 65% Calculation Time!

Great news!!! Xtool X100 Pad3/X100 PAD3 SE Plus KC501 supports all keys lost programming for multiple Mercedes- Benz now! Xtool M821 Mercedes- Benz Adapter is required. It’s the new Xtool device, that can save as much as 65% of the calculation time on the process, or save you from plugging the key emulator in and out hundreds of times.

Xtool M821 Mercedes- Benz Adapter Overview:

The package list:
1pc x M821 Mercedes-Benz AKL Adapter
1pc x J1K02_BENZ Wiring Harness
1pc x M821 Quick Guide

Xtool M821 Description:
1. OBD-16 port: Used to connect to J1Z02_BENZ communication cable or connect to EIS/EZS modules via DuPont cables.
*Caution: Don't connect to the OBD port on the car directly.
2. Status Light: This shows the power status of the adapter. When the red lights are on, that indicates the power is on.
3. Comm Light: This shows the communication status of the adapter. When the blue lights are on, that indicates the adapter is communicating with the tablet.
4. DB15 port: Used to connect to the main cable of XTOOL tablets.
*Note: Before connecting to M821 Adapter, please disconnect the OBD2-16 connector from the main cable.

Which Mercedes- Benz car models can work with?
Currently, Xtool M821 supports W164 (old), W166, W204, W212 (new), W164 (new), W216, W221, W211.

How to do Mercedes- Benz all keys lost?

  • Make sure the software version of Mercedes-Benz key programming is V27.10 above.
  • M821 adapter can only be used with advanced XTOOL key programming/diagnosis tablets such as Xtool X100 PAD3, X100 PAD3 SE, and KC501. (If the license is expired, please pay for the XTOOL X100 PAD3 One Year Update Service Subscription, and update the software to the latest version.)
  • Mercedes-Benz all keys lost programming function should be done online. Make sure that you are connecting to a table network when processing.

Correct connection method:
1. Connect Xtool KC501 to X100 Pad3 series tablet via USB cable
2. Connect Mercedes-Benz IR emulator onto KC501
3. Disconnect the OBD2 connector from the main cable, then connect the device (or the VCI box) with the M821 Adapter using the main cable
4. Connect 12V power supply onto the main cable
5. Connect the EIS/EZS module with the M821 Adapter using the J1K02_BENZ cable.
Please check the device for connection details.

  • Please check the pictures in the device when connecting the M821 Adapter and EIS/EZS module via the J1K02_BENZ cable.
  • The Mercedes-Benz IR emulator should be plugged into the slot of the module when operating.
  • For devices that come up with a VCI box, connect the M821 Adapter with the VCI box using the main cable, and keep the VCI box connected with the device via Bluetooth. You can check the connection details for such devices in the device.

If you’re interested in this new Xtool key programmer, don’t hesitate to get one!
Xtool M821 Mercedes- Benz All Key Lost Communication Adapter Compatible with PAD3/PAD3 SE (€91 free shipping):