New type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder Review

I have got one new type HU66 lock pick and decoder this week. I knew it can support Bentley, Porsche and many other cars from the advertising. It caught my eyes also because it would decode these cars in 10 seconds. I like it very much!

Now let’s look at the new type HU66 firstly!

There are some little marks which actually sort of get the sliders or the wafers in the right line, both back and front.

Once actually done it you can decode it because you can see the little four lines.

You can get a spare set of decoding wafers there.

I guess I’m a little allen key there which I believe sort of just undoes this part here so and it says you don’t need any training with it.

I’ve just zeroed the actual. I’ve just zeroed the little parts there when they actually slide little sliders there. I make sure they’re all zero.

We’ve got a locking device and to work intensely.

Let’s see how this HU66 perform.

Put the slider down, then insert the device into there to pull the actual protective coat and make sure it doesn’t pull back completely.

If you just switch around this way just put into, you can see it retracts quite a lot. So that’s the wrong way to do.

This is the right way- Just pull that back less than 10 seconds. I mean this thing is absolutely increble just slide that thing back down then put out.

Get the other lock to try.

Put HU66 into the cylinder subtract that and make sure it’s not we got around the wrong way typical, just take that back out there. It turns up eventually. I’m gonna work just that back and there you go, I have actually decodes that lock. If you lock your keys out and abvioulsly you can just go in sort out from there.

I’m very surprised that how well this new type HU66 worked. It’s very easy to use and very cheap! Recommend to all the locksmiths!