OBDSTAR P50 User Guide: Register+ Update+ Reset Airbag

OBDSTAR P50 is a new generation of intelligent airbag reset tool. It comes with P004 adapter & jumper airbag reset kit and software, supports one-click airbag reset for 38 brands and over 3000 ECU part No. For your first time using it, you need to register and update the software. Check the related operation guide.

How to register OBDSTAR P50?

Open OBDSTAR P50 airbag reset tool
Click the icon to access to OBDSTAR main interface

Select ‘Settings’

Turn on WiFi
Select the available wifi and enter the correct password to connect

Tap the Home icon to back to the main interface
Select ‘DiagProgram’
Agree with the disclaimer to enter P50 main menu
Tap ‘Upgrade’

Click ‘Register’ to enter the registration interface
Input user name, password and email
Click ‘Next’
Input contacts (user name), cellphone, company name, address and post code
Click ‘Register’
Register successfully

How to update OBDSTAR P50?
Log in with the registered user name and password
The system will obtain the related software automatically
Then tap ‘Upgrade’ to download the software till complete

How to reset airbag by OBDSTAR P50?
When the airbag software is downloaded successfully, you can see ‘Airbag Reset’ function in the main menu. Make sure the device and airbag ECU connection is correct, then go to reset airbag.

  1. Connect P50 airbag reset tool and vehicle correctly

(For convenient operation, have already disassembled the airbag ECU from the vehicle)
Select Airbag Reset>> Airbag Reset newest version>> Auto Search Part Number
You also can check the best detect way by clicking ‘Operation instruction’ at the bottom left.
Then input the part number of ECU manually.
The part number can be found on ECU’s label. The number input is case- insensitive. Fuzzy retrieval is supported.

Confirm the value entered is correct.
Select the related airbag ECU model in the list
Tap ‘Diagram’ at the bottom left corner and follow it to connect device and ECU properly
Different cars are with different airbag ECU, choose the corresponding wiring diagrams.
Use the main cable to connect P004 adapter and P50
Use the P004 jumper to connect P004 adapter and airbag ECU
Set the 120Ωresistance switch of P004 adapter to on

Kindly note:
Keep OBDSTAR P50 in charging and communication in the whole process. Also ensure the internet connection is normal.
2.Reset airbag with OBDSTAR P50 software via Bench mode
Main steps: Read DTC>> Backup EEPROM data>> Erase Crash>> Erase DTC>> Read DTC again

Click ‘Read DTC’ to detect the related fault code

Read EEPROM data and backup

Turn off power button of OBDSTAR P004 adapter for 30 seconds and turn on again Click ‘Erase Crash’ and choose the EEPROM data just saved to erase crash data
Confirm the Read EEPROM function has been executed
Erase crash in file success

Press ‘Start’ at the left bottom to start Write EEPROM function

Turn off power button of OBDSTAR P004 adapter for 30 seconds and turn on again
Click ‘Erase DTC’ to clear fault code
Crash fault code has been erased successfully
Click ‘Read DTC’ again to check if the fault code is out

Which vehicle is supported by OBDSTAR P50?
Check OBDSTAR P50 Airbag Reset Tool Coverage List

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus C package and ODOMaster also support airbag reset function on the same vehicles as P50.
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