PCMtuner Chip Tuning Remap Files Service Price List

Besides common data reading and writing, one of the most important features of the 2022 PCMtuner ECU programmer is that it supports Stage1-3, gearbox tuning, LC, sport display, immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off, vmax, swirl off. They are optional payable services. So, this post will tell you the price for the chip tuning remap files service.

When you have already bought PCMtuner 1.21, we will offer the tuner account for you. The account will be used on the website https://support.vz-performance.com/

The functions like WinOLS damaos, A2L, MAPPACKGE, VR files on this website are free.
When you log in to the website, you can search for the software function according to your ECU part number.
For example, if your ECU part number is 4G0907551F, you may search “4g090”, all the related files will be displayed.

Check the price of each service that you need to pay for as below.

  • All No need shipping, just ECU chip tuning files

1.PCMTuner Stage 1: for Stocking Car Chip Tuning Service
Price: 70 EUR

2.PCMTuner Stage2: for Modifying Intak and Exhuast System Car 
Price: 100 EUR
Tuning & Mods Stage 2
HP Gains:
 25-200+ horsepower
Mods Required: Tuning, Intake, Exhaust

3.PCMTuner Stage3: ECU Chip Tuning for Big Turbo Changed Car
Price: 250 EUR
Mods Required: Mods from stage 2 + dozens of different options

4.PCMtuner Service for GPF/OPF/DPF/ EGR/DTC/ADBlue Removal and HOT Start Fix etc.
The price for the following service is 60EUR/Unit
One payment for one file only, after your payment. Please send the file to us, and we will send you new remap file.
1. GPF/OPF Removal
2. DPF Removal
3. EGR Removal
4. DTC Removal
5. ADBlue Removal
6. HOT Start Fix
7. IMMO Removal
8. Readiness Calibration
9. Flaps / Swirl Removal
10. TVA Removal
11. Sport Displays Calibration
12. Cold Start Noise Reduction
13. Kickdown Deactivation
14. StartStop Disable
15. MAF Removal
16. Speed Limiter Removal
17. Torque Monitoring Disable
18. Burbles Activation
19. Popcorn Activation
20. EVAP Removal
21. Exhaust Flap Removal
22. SAP Removal
23. AGS Removal
25. Lambda/O2 Removal
26. Launch Control
27. OBD Reading Protection
28. Boost Sensor Calibration
29. LC, AL and NLS for MED9.1
30. Checksum Fix

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