PCMtuner USB Smart Dongle Hot Problem Solved

Recently some customers feedback the PCM Tuner USB Dongle will get hot. This problem has solved, after factory removed encryption chip, the PCMtuner dongle will not get hot any more
The new version PCMtuner dongle is like this. and old version PCMtuner dongle is out of production, the customers who interest in the pcmtuner ecu programmer, do not hesitate to buy it now

For thoese customers who bought the PCMtuner or PCMtuner dongle from us before June 8th, 2022, if the usb dongle of yours get hot

Please follow this instruction to solve it step by step

1. Remove the chip, print some weld oil on chip

2. Make hot air degrees to 280

3. User your hot air, hot about40s-1 min till can remove the chips

4. Confirm ecah boot do not short

5. Verify on laptop after all done

What’s the difference between red dongle and green dongle

Red dongle comes with pcmtuner full kit together by default
The green dongle is sold alone, can work with KTMBENCH KTMOBD KTM100 Original Scanmatik2 Pro