(Solved) 2000 BMW E46 Throttle body issues / pedal position

This post starts with issue: I been having issues with my 2000 BMW e46 it’s been running lean and I change everything that would cause that from the fuel pump to all ccv lines and pump… Just recently got a buddy bring his computer over and it showed my gas pedal at 44% throttle when I had it to the floor.. I was guessing that would be my pedal position sensor but the issue it the car has no sensor it’s got a cable to the throttle body.. So I guess my question is do I need a new throttle body cause the stuff I been reading says the pedal position sensor is built into the tb.


I believe you have the M52TU engine, which was only used ’99 & ’00. Ity has a hybrid manual /drive by wire system and a complex and expensive throttle body. I would not swap the the Throttle body (aka MDK) unless it was throwing codes.

What I would do:
1. If your throttle cable is rusty or has any notchiness, replace it (get the right one)
2. reset throttle adaptations using BMW INPA or some other appropriate BMW scanner – not all will do it.
1999-2000 M52TU 2.8L motors / Siemens MS 42.0:

Procedure (for E39 5 series, but similar for e46) :
1. install part.
2. ignition off 30 seconds.
3. ignition on
4. clear codes via INPA and reset DME adaption via INPA
5. press throttle to floor (WOT) 4 times.
6. ignition off.
7. Ignition on, start car.

Good to go.

To get to adaptions and reset them in ediabas/INPA…
F5 – E39
“MS 42.0 …”
F4 read codes
F2 clear codes
F7 reset adaption
F10 exit