Toyota Crown 2005 AKL and Remote Program by Launch X431 Pro

This article shows a guide on how to use Launch X431 Pro to do all key lost and remote programming for Toyota Crown 2005.


Open Launch X431 Pro, select [TOYOTA V48.81] and click[confirm]


Select[automatically search]

Select [crown up to 11/2009]

Select[w/o smart key]

Please check the vehicle information and select [ok]

Select [system selection]

Select [body]

Select [immobiliser]

Select[special function]

Select[auto search special function]

Select [all missing keys]

It prompts that remove all keys and prepare all keys

Please check the operation procedures and select [ok]

Return and select [body]

Select[special function]

Select [auto search special function]

Select [wireless code registration]

Launch X431 Pro prompted that add a wireless remote

It prompted that can be registered 2 keys

Wireless code registeration is completed

It prompted that add a wireless remote

Wireless code registration is completed the second remotes has been registered