Which Peugeot Keys Can Cut by 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine?

2M2 Magic Tank automatic car key cutting machine can be used for Peugeot via Bluetooth on Android phone without battery.

Peugeot car key list supported by 2M2 Magic Tank:

Car make
Plain milling
 End milling
NE73.D66 HU83.H7
NE78.N55 VA2-1049.H3
SX9_A.D44 VA2.H6


How to use 2M2 Magic Tank to cut Peugeot key?

Here take Peugeot NE73.D66 (plain milling) as an example


This is original Peugeot NE73 key

Insert the original key into cylinder to test can use or not

Confirm it can work normally, and then continue to operate

Connect the adapter to 2M2 Magic Tank and power on

Open Tank APP on Android phone and turn on Bluetooth

Press the edit key icon at the left bottom

Input “NE73” in the search box

Select “NE73.D66”

Follow the prompt to operate:

Step 1: Use the stop and insert it to the right slot

Step 2: Block the key shoulder and clamp it

Then click “DECODE” to decode the original key

Decode completed and click “Cut”

Follow the prompt to set the key embryo on 2M2 Magic Tank instead of the original one

Then start to cut the key

It takes approximately 2 minutes in the whole cutting process

10.When finish cutting, clean the new key and insert into cylinder to learn

That’s all!