Yanhua ACDP with Module 24 program JLR 2018+ Smart Key without Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP with new module 24 support Jaguar Land rover 2018 and up (JPLA-14C104-AF) key duplicating via OBD, and programming key by replacing RFA blank processor/ RFA module.

Compared with other devices, it has the advantages as below:

  • When writing data to blank chip, you don’t need to solder wire. App has automatic pin detection. Refreshing data is safe and reliable.

Yanhua ACDP platform can automatically detect the communication condition of RFA modules, including blank RFA modules and RFA modules after chip replacement.

Note: It is risky to replace RFA blank chip or RFA module, please be careful. We provide blank chip and blank RFA module supporting services.

  • OBD programming, learning keys, simple and efficient.

Kindly notice:
Yanhua ACDP module 24 only supports few JLR (2018-2019) so far. The version is JPLA-14C104-AF. ACDP can identify this version via OBD. The key programmed only supports low equipped models (without comfort access feature). If duplicate a new key for the luxury- equipped models, there will be only key buttons remote control and emergency start function, and will not have the comfort access and keyless go features.

It is basically impossible to copy or replace for JLR 2018- all keys lost. Because when the door is opened, the vehicle will be in an alarm state, and it does not communicate via OBD at this time. After the RFA module is replaced, It also does not communicate during OBD programming and key learning. So it is impossible to program and learn keys.

Main steps to replace the original RFA module and program key:
Step 1: Replace the CPU of the RFA module of the original vehicle, and then write blank data with the clip. (Can be directly replaced with the new RFA module)
Step 2: Identify the RFA module information through the interface board to determine whether the chip is welded properly and whether the written data is correct.
Step 3: Then in the module, connect the main engine to OBD, and then program and OBD learning key.

Menu path:
Jaguar/Land rover Programming>> Program Smart Key (2018-)

It contains the function:

  • OBD Duplicate key
  • RFA write initial data
  • Replace RFA (JPLA/K8D2) Program Key
  • Replace RFA (J9C3) Program Key (Beta)

1. OBD Duplicate key
You can perform the following functions.

  • Identify system info
  • Program key (Add key)
  • Program key (All keys lost)
  • Identify key infor
  • Modify special key ID

OBD duplicate 2018- JPLA smart key requires JLR key which ID can be modified like the Lonsdor 2018-2021 JLR key.

2. RFA write initial data
Yanhua ACDP Module 24 JLR 2018+ program new key by replacing RFA black processor or RFA module
Confirm that the current module is a new RFA module or the main chip of the RFA module has been replaced with a new chip.
Module 24 contains the new chip, follow diagram to replace the new chip, no soldering required.

3. Replace RFA (JPLA/K8D2) Program Key

  • Add smart key (auto mode)
  • Add smart key (single step mode)
  • Change vehicle config data
  • Identify key infor

Confirm that the vehicle has a new RFA module installed or the main chip of the RFA module has been replaced with a new chip and initial data has been written.
The replace RFA program key function cannot be performed if the current RFA module is locked.
Prepare at least two smarts keys that can be programmed.
If the car is in the alarm state, perform the function of replacing RFA program key after disabling the alarm.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 24 New JLR (2018+) IMMO Module is available at:

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